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Information about the company
The company TETRAN  consulting and trading G.m.b.H. was founded in the Year 2000. The activities were started by 23.03.2001. The company is registered in the Companies Register Book of Vienna under the number 202604y. The Managing Director of the company since its inception is Dr. Sergei Moliboga.

The company's management

Moliboga Sergej.
Born on 25.07.1954 in the Vitebsk region, completed the Moscow Physical-Technical Institute in 1977, Candidate of Economic Sciences (Dr.) since 1989.

Professional experience
- The Central Scientific and Mathematical Institute, Moscow (1982-1885).
- Management department of the State Bank of USSR, Moscow (1985-1987).
- Auditing and consulting company "Inaudit", Moscow (1988-1990).
- "Deloitte & Touche", USA (1991-1992).
Since 1992 lives and works in Vienna, Austria.

Activities of the company
The company is engaged in trading in the field of deliveries of electric machines and equipment, metal products, foodstuffs and ingredients, trade with import, export and transit trades with oil products, electricity (energy), gas.

Furthermore, the company offers consulting services in the following areas: partner search for investment projects, marketing and distribution of goods and services. The geographic areas of activity of the company: Western Europe, countries of the former Soviet Union - Russia, Belarus, Ukraine.